AMC Construction Group is your partner of choice for the initial design of your architectural project in Gatineau/Ottawa. Because we have a double expertise in design and construction, you are guaranteed that your project will achieve all the budgetary and architectural objectives of your brand new home. The fact that we are involved from the beginning of the conceptualization will ensure you an optimal progress of your project of construction for a new house or renovation.

Our team can assist and advise you from the initial acquisition of your new residential property to the construction phase. In addition, AMC Construction Group will be able to assist you with your demolition and landscaping needs on your residential property in Gatineau. We will be able to advise you on which products to choose for your customised home. We are proud to offer a turnkey service for new house constructions in Gatineau and Ottawa

Our wide range of design and construction services can adapt to all types of project scenarios. We also have several service offers including the details mentioned above: “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum” and “Off the charts”.

This is how we can provide services tailored to meet your vision. In addition, everything includes a complete management system via our secure virtual cloud allowing you to access everything: scheduling, documents, project images, mail box and communication with our team, as well as order approvals and product selections. It is a unique system exclusive to our clients in Gatineau, Ottawa and the Outaouais.