Step One: The beginning of your project

From our first meetings, our objective will be to get to know you and effectively identify what is needed to realize your vision. Our years of experience in the industry have taught us the most important aspects of a project of this scope. A budget schedule will then be established following a rigorous evaluation of the mandate. Afterwards, our team can evaluate the condition of your current property. If necessary, we have the expertise to help you acquire the ideal residential location.

Step Two: First drafts of your design

Before starting your project, we must establish the foundations of your idea. Our team of designers will present you with draft proposals for your project (scope of work, terms, conditions and payment schedule). We will review the scope of work to ensure it meets your needs.

For us, transparency is an integral part of our processes. You can obtain our references and visit our previous projects.

Step Three: Planning, Design and Licensing

Once your project drafts are approved, we will proceed to the mandate planning phase. We will have to evaluate all the important factors in the design and development of your new customised home. Nothing will be left to chance in this crucial phase of your project:

  • Design: create several versions of floor plans and elevations;
  • Concept examination: by an architect, an interior designer and engineers;
  • Create a project estimate and schedule based on the approved concept;
  • Concept review: as required for your approval;
  • Schematic design: create construction drawings based on the approved design (including all materials required for the permit);
  • Obtaining all necessary permits for starting the construction.

Step Four: Finalizing the conceptualization

Once we have all aspects and schedule of your project in hand, we will review the final construction contract. At this stage of the mandate, we have all the plans, building permits and materials needed to build the home of your dreams.

Step Five: Getting things done!

During this step, we take action to build your customised home. We will start by preparing the construction site. If necessary, we will then demolish the existing structure.

Once the land is ready, we will dig the foundations of your new residential property and your new home will begin to take shape. From the foundation to the roof, we take care of all the details concerning your new construction all the way to the final finish. Please note that all our constructions are in conformity with municipal standards.

Step Six: Enjoy your new home!

The sixth step will absolutely be your favorite. Our team will clean up the site and leave your property ready for you to move in. Welcome home!